Product Validation

Avoid making costly mistakes and have your prospective products take the test.

We show you how to crunch the numbers, critiquing your products from all angles. From average sales volume, to market saturation, to hidden costs, storage fees, and barrier of entry, to name a few. 

All with one purpose in mind. To make sure you can make a profit from your product.

Launch your product with confidence, armed with the right information so you can make sound decisions for your business.

We offer a one-on-one comprehensive coaching package that is tailored to your need and skill level. We offer several types of coaching packages and training courses.

  • How to Find the Right Product
  •  Sourcing the Product 
  •  Negotiating with Suppliers 
  •  Calculating Profit & Loss 
  •  Calculating Review Velocity 
  •  How to Design and Customize Your Product Packaging 
  •  How to Package and Label Your Product 
  •  Best Methods to Ship and Store Your Product
  •  How to Take and Edit Product Photos 
  •  How to Create and Optimize Your Amazon Listing 
  •  How to Set Up a PPC Campaign in Amazon 
  •  Setting Up a Follow-Up Sequence 
  •  How to Manage and Monitor Your Product for Success

Nurturing Your Private Label:

We know from experience that it is not enough to launch a product into the wilds of Amazon. You may see great sales in the beginning, but left unattended, your listing will wither and die. If you want your PL to grow and thrive, you need the tools and knowledge to prune when needed or pour on that Miracle Grow.

We offer extensive training in managing and promoting your Amazon listings. From the basics of managing your products, to utilizing proven advertising tools, we walk you through how to keep your products healthy and your business growing.

Generating Outside Traffic:

Take the next step in promoting your business. We will teach you the latest trends in advertising and promoting. We show you how to get your finger on the pulse of your consumer and capture that sale.
  • How to build a list
  • Facebook advertising
  • Setting up a Facebook group or page
  • Amazon PPC
  • Google Adwords
  •  Brand Registry 
  •  Clickfunnels

Al a Carte Coaching:

You choose what you want to work on, and we work on it with you.

  • How to find the right Product
  • Sourcing the product
  • Negotiating with suppliers
  • Calculating Profit & Loss
  • Calculating review velocity
  • How to design and customize your product packaging
  • How to package and label your product
  • How to take and edit product photos
  • How to create and optimize your Amazon listing
  •  How to set up PPC Campaign in Amazon 
  •  Setting up a follow up sequence 
  •  How to monitor your product 
  •  Setting up Google Adwords* 
  •  Setting up Clickfunnels* 
  •  Setting up a Facebook group or page 
  •  Brand Registry*

Coaching Package

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